Daily Devotion 18th July 2018                                                                        


By Amy Welborn

Shall he who shaped the ear not hear? or he who formed the eye not see?...Psalm 94:9

I don't have as many anxiety dreams as I used to. But when they occur, they share the same setting as they always have: I'm in the classroom, either as a student or a teacher, unprepared to either take or give an exam. Or I have to get to school and I just can't. What a relief it is to realize--either in the midst of it or upon awaking--that it was, indeed, just a dream. Sometimes my waking life can be filled with different sorts of anxiety and worry....more>>


Pope Francis: What matters in the end is how well we loved


Collective efforts needed to manage e-waste


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Ghana’s 60th Independence Anniversary And 40th Anniversary Of Diplomatic Relations


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