Daily Devotion 22nd September 2017                                                                                     


By Paul Wee

“This is what you are to teach the brothers to believe…”

When I was 11, a neighbour brought me to a Presbyterian church. I continued attending that particular church for a few years and during that time, I heard many sermons explaining Bible readings and did learn quite a bit about Christian living. I must admit, though, that the messages that came through the sermons did clash at times. As someone exposed to the Bible the first time, I was confused. In fact, I was not able to differentiate what was correct and what was not. Thanks to a good friend, I started going to the Catholic Church and got...more>>


Pope Francis retools John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family


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Ghana’s 60th Independence Anniversary And 40th Anniversary Of Diplomatic Relations


Award Ceremony-Jubilee of Mercy Competition 2016




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