Create a Catholic Leadership Roundtable, (a think tank of professional for the Archdiocese, and also set up a forum where the Church could also form Catholic social leadership. Mons Ankrah could highlight on CIBT and what it is poised to do, come next month in collaboration with the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, and also say something about the Business and Faith Development Centre (BFDC) of CIBT) Set up a data base for a data bank of professional competence and expertise in the Archdiocese willing to offer their services Revive the Catholic Professional Guilds of yore; Catholic Lawyers, Catholic Doctors and Medical Personnel, Catholic Journalists, Catholic Teachers, and even form new ones in tune with the times and needs like Catholic Politicians…
Beef up the Catholic Development Foundation (CDF) with more experts willing to give their services
Catholics to sit on our various boards; 

  • Social Aid Guild set up originally to run the Vocational Institutions of the Archdiocese.
  • Catholic Private Schools (7 now… and more to come)
  • Catholic Hospital Management for
  • Battor Catholic Hospital
  • St. Andrew Catholic Clinic at Kordiabeh
  • Catholic Social Health services
  • Task force for a new state of the art Catholic Hospital for Accra etc.,
  • CIBT Governing Council and Development Task force
  • Lashibi Youth Centre development
  • Kordiabeh Catechetical Centre development
  • Archdiocesan Property & Investment development.